A close-knit cooperative, from cow to customer

A dairy company with international allure

Milcobel is a reference on the international dairy market. We stand for quality, safety and customer focus.

We employ about 1,800 employees at our production sites in Belgium and France. People who passionately and expertly produce premium quality dairy products for our customers in more than 100 countries.

Milcobel stands for dialogue, transparency, reliability and sustainability. We strive for all the links of the dairy chain to be involved, from milk collection at the farm, through production to on-site commercialisation for the customer. We believe in solid partnerships and long-term customer relations.

Our structure

Operating as a cooperative means we are a special form of company, and not just driven by profit. We want to connect farmers with each other and with society at large.
Our dairy farmers are united and represented in the Cooperative Council, which, in addition to a Board and General Assembly, consists of nine member circles. Every member circle represents a geographical region. Our young farmers are united in the member circle for young farmers. The Board of Directors runs its decisions by the Cooperative Council first.

A dairy cooperative that connects farmers and civilians

As a cooperative, Milcobel pledges a solid and long-term commitment to both its co-operators and society. Milcobel groups together about 2,000 family-run dairy farms. Our dairy farmers have a genuine passion for their trade and supply us with premium quality, delicious milk. And you can taste the difference.
Our members are also shareholders of the cooperative. They have a say in the company and are involved in its choices. The added value we create flows back to our farmers in the form of milk prices, premiums, post payments or dividends. Milcobel, as a cooperative, stands for dialogue, transparency, reliability and sustainability.
By choosing Milcobel as your supplier, you, the customer, choose authentic dairy, with a direct link to the farmer.

Our Business Units

Consumer Products

"We aim to be the undisputed leader in Belgian cheese, and further expand its reputation at home and abroad. With our cheese service, we are the perfect cheese partner for our customers and the reference on the Belgian market. We believe in solid partnerships and long-term customer relations.”

Premium Ingredients

"With our premium quality and reliable dairy ingredients we meet the needs of our customers. Our collaboration with these customers is an ongoing effort, as we are continuously looking into ways of improving."


“By striving for continuous innovation and offering tailor-made customer solutions, we have managed to maintain our position as Europe's second biggest private label ice cream producer. Customer focus, teamwork and thinking ahead are the keywords that drive the entire YSCO team."

Our sites

We process the milk from our dairy farmers in our own state-of-the-art factories, according to strict quality standards. We manufacture cheese, powder, butter, cream, whey and ice cream in accordance with the most recent scientific and technological insights in terms of nutritional, sensory and functional properties, both in Belgium and in France. 

Group Executive Committee

Peter Grugeon
Olivier Schietse
Francis Relaes
Tom Schiettecat
Edith Hamelryckx
Bert Van Nieuwenborgh
Eric Derie

Milcobel Board of Directors

Betty Eeckhaut
Vanessa Van Eynde
Luc Van Laer
Mark Matthys - De Zutter
Heidi Willem
Tom Leenaerts
Carl Peeters
Dirk Poelman

Our resource, the cornerstone of our values

From the very outset, our core business stands for the values we want to live by and impart. Valorising milk is what we do. MILK is what we are and how we behave ourselves.


Make it happen

Striving to improve is what we want to do. Showing ambition, pushing boundaries, overcoming setbacks and learning lessons from them, and maintaining our own set course. Achieving an ambition requires commitment and determination. To be courageous is to lead.



We are honest with ourselves and others. We stand for clarity and open communication: everything can and may be said, even if it sounds less pleasant. We uphold the principle that you do what you say, and say what you do. That makes everything transparent, clear and ready. It requires courage, of course, but also ethics, integrity and fairness.



We are loyal to our organization’s policy, standards, values, protocols and agreements. The collective interest takes precedence over self-interest. Loyalty is consistent with togetherness, collegiality and teamwork. A cooperative is the explicit expression of loyalty. To tackle challenges, to realize dreams and ambitions and to achieve results. Together, transparently and honestly.


Knowledge and know-how

Quality is about more than just products. Quality also applies to our service, our communication, our openness, internally and externally. Quality expresses itself in our professionalism, our competence, our performance and our customer focus.

Milcobel in numbers


Dairy farmers



1.4 Billion litres

milk processed in 2022

€1.36 Billion

turnover in 2022

Our history

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Would you like to help us build our milky way?

To make a milky way, you need a lot of stars and we are looking for them constantly. At Milcobel, you are the captain of your own galaxy, you can push your boundaries to infinity and beyond. Are you someone who looks towards the future with an open mind? Prepared to take on any challenge? Who wants to become a shining star in our firmament? So go and boost your career and apply for a job now.

Are you a passionate dairy farmer?

Milcobel is a warm cooperative with respect for its members’ diversity. Our dairy farmers are the heart of our cooperative. Through dialogue and cooperation, we are building a sustainable future for dairy farming together. A future you can be part of. Are you a dairy farmer working in Belgium, the Netherlands of Northern France and are you interested? Get in touch with us now.

An appetite for our products?

Milcobel is your partner for premium quality dairy products. We deliver B-to-B to retailers, hotels, restaurants, cafés, food services and food producers. Are you interested in consumer cheeses, ingredient cheese, butter, cream, milk powder, whey, or ice cream? Our teams would love to hear from you.