Cooperative entrepreneurship in harmony with society

Milcobel has sustainability written into its DNA

Milcobel has sustainability written into its DNA

Sustainability is a chain story. From grass to glass, we are working hard towards a sustainable future for local dairy farming and processing. A vision you will find reflected in the three pillars of our sustainability strategy.
Our approach is pragmatic, realistic and achievable, above all else. One step at a time, we are evolving towards more sustainability, together. We are building on the past and sustained efforts of our dairy farmers and employees.
With respect for people, animals and the environment, we produce nutritious premium quality dairy products for people all over the world to enjoy.

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Cooperative entrepreneurship in harmony with society

Cooperative: The cooperative model is the cornerstone for everything.

Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship is in our DNA. Being competitive and taking initiative is a driving force, found in all entrepreneurs. It is an expansive vision we want to share across our organisation, down to the individual employee level. Our dairy farmers also have an important part to play in this philosophy. As true entrepreneurs, they run their businesses with great expertise and passion for their profession.

In harmony : Harmony stands for respect and attention for any conceivable viewpoint within the chain. Milcobel takes into account all sensitivities, maintaining an open dialogue with all people involved. That, after all, is how you make achieving a common goal possible. We are fully committed to the collaboration and connection with our dairy farmers, our customers, our collaborators and our stakeholders.

Society:   People, animals, the environment, society ... they are all important....  Each element is important...

Milcobel operates within society as a whole. And that is reflected in our sustainability vision. Both man and environment are important. That’s the balance Milcobel is looking for in its sustainability approach. You cannot have one thing at the expense of the other. Both elements should be able to reach their full potential and so Milcobel, as an organisation, participates in important issues and challenges. Because Milcobel occupies a place within that society and wants to help drive its progress.

Sustainability throughout the value chain

Sustainability throughout the value chain

Our sustainability labels

CO2-neutral cheese


Member of Sedex

Milcobel is a member of Sedex and thus subscribes to the Base Code of the Ethical Trading Initiative.

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Unitar SDG Champion


Sustainable dairy cooperative

We are building on the long-term efforts of our member dairy farmers, which have already led to wonderful results. Above all, sustainability should be realistic, pragmatic and achievable. As entrepreneurs with respect for the diversity and individuality of our dairy farmers, we encourage our members - according to their own level and ability - to take further steps towards sustainability. We reward them for their efforts with sustainability bonuses.

Sustainable production

We are also fully committed to sustainability in our production sites. By investing in efficiency, we avoid wastage. As energy, water, food, materials and natural resources become increasingly scarce, we should handle them with care and consideration. Reducing carbon emissions and waste and finetuning recycling processes are further steps towards optimizing efficiency.

By putting an emphasis on food safety and quality, on local anchoring, and responsible marketing and communication, we can achieve our goals even better.

People and society

Milcobel nurtures an all-in approach, down the entire chain, i.e. from dairy farmer to staff to customer. We are giving our employees every development opportunity within the organisation. By nurturing their involvement, striving for more diversity and the right balance between work and free time and increasing the safety culture.

We aim to develop long-term relationships with our customers and consumers in the broadest sense, always putting them first in the way we do things. We consider our biggest customers as our partners and treat them accordingly. Openly and transparently. Honestly and loyally.

Partnerships, both with customers and other stakeholders, enable us to set and achieve common goals. Milcobel aims to promote dialogue, strive for transparency in the chain and, above all, develop a cooperative with a future perspective that benefits all concerned.

Some of our realisations

+23% in energy efficiency in 5 years

Avoiding / reducing food waste

2 out of 3 production sites use CHP for electricity & steam

Avoiding / Reducing packaging materials

+40% water reusage in 5 years

+21% more efficient water usage in 5 years

Circular heath network in Langemark

Would you like to help us build our milky way?

To make a milky way, you need a lot of stars and we are looking for them constantly. At Milcobel, you are the captain of your own galaxy, you can push your boundaries to infinity and beyond. Are you someone who looks towards the future with an open mind? Prepared to take on any challenge? Who wants to become a shining star in our firmament? So go and boost your career and apply for a job now.

Are you a passionate dairy farmer?

Milcobel is a warm cooperative with respect for its members’ diversity. Our dairy farmers are the heart of our cooperative. Through dialogue and cooperation, we are building a sustainable future for dairy farming together. A future you can be part of. Are you a dairy farmer working in Belgium, the Netherlands of Northern France and are you interested? Get in touch with us now.

An appetite for our products?

Milcobel is your partner for premium quality dairy products. We deliver B-to-B to retailers, hotels, restaurants, cafés, food services and food producers. Are you interested in consumer cheeses, ingredient cheese, butter, cream, milk powder, whey, or ice cream? Our teams would love to hear from you.